Calcium Powder from Eggshells

Calcium powder is a great, natural way, to give your plants an added boost. Tomatoes area big fans of eggshells, and when ground up, can be absorbed much easier. Additionally, compost worms like to enjoy a little eggshell from time to time, and the smaller the better. But what’s more, when sterilized correctly, even you can enjoy a little calcium powder in your food and smoothies.

Step 1

Take your sterilized eggshells and crush them. You can easily store your shells for later use, but I have found that it’s just easiest to do this process after they have cooled from the oven.

Step 2

Grind your smaller shells in a pestle and mortar. I have two, I started with a smaller ~4″ one I got from Amazon, but more recently got one a little bit larger to handle all of the eggshells I grind.

Step 3

Store in a sealed container, like a mason jar.

Since starting to keep my eggshells, I have used the powder mostly for plants and feeding my composting worms. But I have come across some other uses:

  • Abrasive cleaner for those tough pots & pans. By mixing a little soapy water, this can help scrub off that stubborn cooked-on food!
  • Coffee additive for a less bitter flavor. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I would be curious to see how someone who is would feel about this!
  • Homemade chalk that’s non-toxic! This one may need to be a little side project – just to experiment, but if you are looking for the recipe, try here.

I can’t wait to hear what other uses for calcium powder you have found!