Glass Bowl + Succulent in 3 Easy Steps

Lately, I’ve been watching a few videos on YouTube and TED talking about pants in the home. Besides the fact that my office space is surprisingly lacking in vegetation, I’m come to realize that where I live is not much better.

Last year, I bought this little Burro’s Tail (aka: Sedum Morganianum) at a farmers market for my desk at work and loved it! Problem was, where I sat at the time, was where we had our weekly office meetings, and people kept bumping into the poor guy. (If you have own one of these, you will know the leaves fall off at the slightest touch!) It came to the point when there really wasn’t much left; just a pot of fallen leaves. I had moved desks a few times but left it by a window and found out later a fellow co-worker had kept watering it and managed to bring it back to life. Elaighted, I figured it was time to bring this little guy home (and name him Clarance).

A few days ago, I was reminded of a glass bowl I’ve had for years, but have never found something to fill it with. I’ve been wanting to expand Clarance and the videos made that wonderful connection from plant to planter!


  • glass bowl = $0.00
  • Sedum Morganianum (aka Burro’s Tail aka Clarance) = $0.00
  • Small bag of river rocks = $0.00 (I already had these for another succulent project)
  • Soil = $0.00 (I already had a large bag stored away)
  • BONUS: worm castings

My total cost = FREE!


Step 1: Pour the river rock into your bowl.

Step 2a: add a small amount of worm casting – just enough to cover the top of the river rocks.

Step 2b: Fill the soil near the top, pressing down to firm it up.

Step 3: GENTLY propagate parts of your plant into the new soil. I was able to carefully pluck parts of Clarance and stick it in an evenly spaced area on top of the soil. I may go back later to add a few leafs to fill the spaces, but I really want to make sure what’s in there now can get the roots firm in there!

Make sure to place in a nice, sunny spot!